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Dar-Lings Newsletter


Hats off to the class of 2018!

 Growing up has just begun please join us for some Graduation fun!

 We will graduate on June 8th 2018 at 3:00 p.m. at

Dar-Lings Learning Center.

 We hope to see you there!










Our theme for April is Sounds. Our color is Purple and the shape is Diamond. Our baby sign this month is Water and our nursery rhyme is “Open, Shut Them”. Our song is “If You’re Happy & You Know It”. We will be doing art projects that show things that make different sounds.



Toddlers I & II

For April our theme is Construction. Our baby sign this month is Water and Please. The color they will be learning to say is Purple. The shape for April is Diamond. Our song is “Five Little Ducks” and “I had a Little Turtle”. In ABeka we will be learning about the color Purple. We will talk about Construction sounds, building roads, and construction machines. We will do mud painting, sand painting and Earth Day projects this month. Have a Happy April!







Pre-School I

This month’s study of the pond has brought us a new song “Little White Duck” as well as a new poem “Two Eyes to See”. Ask your child about the animals that live on the pond and have them count the pictures on the number papers as they come home. We are working on concepts for 1-15 and counting all the way to 30.



Pre-School II

April showers may come, but playing rhythm band instruments, finger painting, and playing inside games can make even rainy days enjoyable. This month’s study of the pond has brought us a new song, “Little White Duck”. Our new letters Ss and Tt, could stand for interesting animals that live in the pond, such as snakes and turtles. We have even brought the study of the pond into our numbers time as we count tadpoles, frogs, and ducks. We are working on concepts for 1-14 and counting all the way to 30. Keep your eyes open for some “I did it all by myself” original artwork that will be coming home this month. As you see the artwork, have your child describe it to you.




April showers are here, but playing “Doggie, Doggie, Who Has the Bone?” in the classroom at recess makes even rain enjoyable.  The vowels and consonants are taking on a new meaning as the children continue with their reading. A good foundation is being laid now which prepares the children for the five-year old reading program next year. Writing is a special time each day. The children are proud of being able to write their first name on their papers. If you have not already made arrangements for your child to attend our Private Kindergarten in the fall, we urge you to stop by the front office to do so soon. Spaces are limited. Your child must be five by December 31st, 2017 to enroll.





Private Kindergarten

This month we will introduce subtraction and learn to count and write our numbers by 2’s. We will continue to practice our handwriting skills in writing with phonics. We will do many exciting art projects for spring. We will work on marking vowels and special sounds. We will go over all of the ABeka poems we have learned so far and will continue to practice our reading skills during reading groups and start writing our own sentences. We will also be practicing for our graduation and will be ordering caps and gowns very soon.





During our studies, we will be constructing family trees, and sharing family traditions & values. Students will be engaged in the many uses of plants, identifying the parts & observe plants on a nature walk. We will analyze the 3 properties of water, measuring liquids, & sampling watery fruits & vegetables. We will use models to learn about the Earth’s changing seasons, observe the Earth’s soil up close & experiment with energy. We will also learn about temperature, air pressure, winds, moisture, & make predictions about the weather. Our summer program is filling up rapidly. Please stop by the front office to reserve your child’s spot now. We hope everyone has a great April.





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