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Darlings Open House

August 16th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm


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Congragulations to Ms Taylor for receiving the Female Instructor of the year award


We welcome you to our website.


We are pleased to offer high quality education and development to the kids in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Please visit our new state of the art facility located in Dar Medical Plaza. We are proud to have a secure entry access, observatory windows and cameras in each classroom, watch me grow internet monitoring and computer lab. Our bubble wall and indoor gym is a delightful experience for each of our students.


Our teaching principles and well structured curriculum are inspired by the Vygotskian theory,Key to Learning. Vygotsky’s theory is one of the foundations of constructivism. It asserts three major themes regarding social interaction, the more knowledgeable other, and the zone of proximal development. Vygotsky felt social learning precedes development. He states: “Every function in the child’s cultural development appears twice: first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level; first, between people (interpsychological) and then inside the child (intrapsychological)”. The more knowledgeable other or MKO is normally thought of as being a teacher, coach, or older adult, but the MKO could also be peers, a younger person, or even computers.The zone of proximal development or ZPD is the distance between a student’s ability to perform a task under adult guidance and/or with peer collaboration and the student’s ability solving the problem independently. According to Vygotsky, learning occurred in this zone.


Easter 2019




Development of language and higher executive functions including working memory in preschool years is the key to success in later years. The aim is to make our little ones life-long successful learners with attentiveness and eagerness. We believe our teaching tactics will reduce the occurrence of ADHD like symptoms including inattention and hyperactivity later in school years.



Our parents love the incorporation of “Your Child Can Read” Music, Yoga and ABC Mouse in the daily schedule. We also provide enrichment classes including Dance, Soccer, and Monkeynastics. We Are also pleased to offer Chapel on Monday 10:30-11:00.


Serving the best... We provide hot nutritious meals including 1% and whole milk free of growth harmones and fresh fruits and vegetables.




We are privileged to have an in house board certified medical director, Dr Farah Naz, practicing pediatrics for more than 20 years. Our wholesome menu, well structured and nurturing curriculum and medical policies are developed under her guidance.


Refer a friend or relative to Dar-Lings and receive a free week of tuition. They must be enrolled for 4 weeks before discount is applied.




Monthly Announcements



Frog Street Supply fees for this fall will be billed August 1ST. It is $100 for private Kindergarten and $75 for the 2's and 3's.

Supply fees are $50 per child twice a year. If you would like to start paying towards these fees now, you may add a little to tuition each week.  This will build up a little credit for you to apply to the fees. This way it doesn't all hit at once. If you have any questions, please stop by the front desk.


If you are leaving for the fall, remember you must give a two week notice in writing beforehand.




Darlings Summer Adventure 2019



Field trip

Science project

Art project


June 3-7    

Summer safety

Fire Department Visit

David Chicken Live show

Tornado in a bottle

High five for safety

Rescue Relay


June 10-14


Aloha Summer

Crazy Magic Show

Sand castle puff paint

Make lei necklace

Water Relay

June 17-21

At the beach

Thomas H2O Park-Water Day

Magic Show

Skittle Experiment

Flip flops

Scavenger Hunt

June 24-28

Ooey Gooey


Make Slime

Mud art, Oreo dirt & worms

Egg Toss

July 1-3,5

Stars & Stripes

SciTech Discovery Center

Fireworks in a bottle

Create own flag

Capture the Flag

July 8-12

Health week

Sprouts Market & Clown show

Soap experiment

Food Pyramid & Tooth brush paint

Jump Rope/Heart Rate

July 15-19


Dollar Movie

Mind Stretching Fun

Rocket Blast

Invent own super hero


July 22-26

Community Helpers

The Real Mad Hatters


Grow a Plant

Build Hats


Noodle Ball

July 29-Aug 2


Perot Museum

Dig Fossils

Dinosaur prints in sand

Scavenger Hunt

Aug 5-9


Track & Field Day

Dancing Milk

Tie Dye

Obstacle Course






The seasons are changing. Please trade out your child’s change of clothes for something more season appropriate.Also, please make sure you are taking your child’s blankets home every Friday and washing them over the weekend.



Breakfast time is at 8:30. Please make sure you are not sending your child with any outside food. Thank you!



Please see the front office for more information on Dance, Gymnastics, Soccer, and  classes.



We also have Dar-Lings T-shirts for sale in numerous sizes for $10 each. Let us know if you would like a shirt for your child.


If your child is four years of age or older as of September 1st, Hearing and Vision testing is required. Please get us a copy of current records or Dr. Naz is offering to do the testing for you for $25.



Email for more information today!


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